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Unani World
The Unani system of medicine owes its origin to Greece. The word 'Unan' is for Greece in the East and 'Unani' is referred for Greek. The Elementary framework of Unani Medicine is based on the views of Greek philosopher & physician Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) who freed medicine from the realm of superstition and magic.
The Website encompasses the complete world of Unani Medicine.


According to the principles and philosophy of Unani Medicine, diseases is a natural process, its symptoms are the reaction of the body to the disease, and the chief function of the physician is to aid the natural forces of the self power of the body. Unani Medicine is basically based on The Humoral Theory. The Humuors (Akhlat),The Humoral Theory presupposes the presence of four humors - Dam (blood), Balgham (phlegm), Safra (yellow bile and Sauda (black bile)-in the body. The temperaments of persons are expressed by the words sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic according to the preponderance in them of humors ? blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile, respectively. The humors themselves are assigned temperaments ? blood is hot and moist, phlegm is cold and moist, yellow bile is hot and dry, and black bile is cold and moist. Every person is supposed to have a unique humoral constitution which represents his healthy state. As long as these humors exist in normal balance, normal quantities and in the normal region of the body, the humor system will work in the normal way. Any imbalances to the humor constitutions or changes in their quantity and quality result in diseases. To maintain the correct humoral balance there is a power of self-preservation or adjustment called Quwwat-e-Mudabbira (medicatrix naturae) in the body. If this power weakens, imbalance in the humoral composition is bound to occur which causes diseases. In Unani Medicine, great reliance is placed on this power. The medicines used in this system, in fact, help the body to regain this power to an optimum level and thereby restore humoral balance, thus restoring health. Also, correct diet and digestion are considered necessary to maintain humoral balance.

The Executive body of Unani World........

Key Persons:

Dr. Mohd. Akram
Web Master
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Tahaffuzi Wa Samaji Tibb (Preventive & Social Medicine), Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi,INDIA

Colleges of Unani Medicine:
In India there are about 50 colleges imparting education and training of Unani Medicine at graduation level and about 10 colleges are imparting education and research at post graduate level. To see the details of colleges Click HereThanks.